About Us




‘the travelogue’ aspires to be a name to reckon with in the world of Travel and Tourism Industry.





Seeks to be trail blazers in catering qualitative services in the World Travel and Tourism Industry
To be Dream Merchants, sagacious and passionately committed to go the extra mile, to make the dreams come true for the millions who love to travel in COMFORT and on a SHOE-STRING BUDGET.
To provide excellent customized travel packages, defining pre-nominal focus on QUALITY, COST and TIME by providing proficiency in every area of the travel project.
To be recognized as a benchmark in travel management and tailor made solutions through means of development of quality systems, maintenance of highest ethical and operational standards, qualitative, innovative and value for money products and services.
To be the preferred destination service provider for tour operators and people who love to travel in groups or otherwise.






We are in business because of our Customers. Hence it is our TOP PRIORITY to take excellent care of our Customers. We understand our Customers, anticipate their needs and go the extra mile to satisfy them, far exceeding their expectations. We believe that a good customer service helps to turn Customer into ambassador of our business.


In the evolution of travel, innovation and change have always been a propelling factor. We have a sagacious lot who are creative and have the proclivity to take risks to add value for Customers. As Herve
Couturier puts it, Innovation is a part of company’s culture and change an anticipated and accepted part of the landscape.




Success is mutual. For success, we understand that relationships are important. We strive to create privileged relationships with our Customers, colleagues, business partners, suppliers, and vendors. We interact with honesty, respect and integrity to develop and maintain mutually beneficial working relationships. We are committed to a high standard of ethical conduct, honesty and loyalty. We are committed to growing globally together with our Customers.


We operate in a manner that promotes the ideal of integrity in travel. We deliver what we promise and we promise what we can deliver. We have a team who are agile in seizing the initiative and welcoming responsibility with pride to add value to the task at hand. Everyone here plays a leader, performs excellently, creative, result oriented, accountable and takes responsibility for their actions.